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At Solmatix, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of renewable energy solutions for businesses, homes, and farms throughout UK & Ireland

Solar PV

Solar PV Panels, also known as ‘photovoltaics’ capture energy from the sun, in the form of light, and convert it to electricity. For this reason, PV Panels are normally fixed on the roof of your building and come with an inverter and control system. Solmatix will work with you to ensure that the size and specification of your installation is correct and that you can attain the best possible yield from it.

Workman work along factory roof from a company called Solmatix
Solmatix battery storage unit mount on wall

Battery Storage

Having battery storage, usually used in conjunction with solar panels, means that you can become independent from the grid. Battery installations help you make the most of the electricity that you generate by retaining it for when you really need it. It is also very useful if you intend to use more of the energy you’ve generated outside of daylight hours.

EV Chargers

If you own an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid, having an EV Charger at home is one of the most convenient and cheapest way to charge it. Currently, the most effective way is via a smart charger installation in a garage or off-street driveway, which will draw power when it costs less. For rapid charging, you may need to upgrade your electricity connection to a three-phase supply, something Solmatix can also assist with.

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EV charger for cars mounted on wall
Close up of solar roof panels on house roof

Water Heaters

A solar water heating system uses roof panels to heat the water for your home or business. The most efficient setup is an Evacuated Tube system. Heat from the sun warms fluid passing through the panels which in turn is used to heat your water, via a heat exchanger, before the water is stored in your hot water cylinder. Systems are usually low maintenance but will require a small pump to circulate the water.

Wind power engineer with safety hat surveying


Wind is an especially attractive option for industrial, commercial and agricultural customer sites. There are no carbon emissions and electricity is generated at a much cheaper price than existing suppliers. Again, it is a clear, visible demonstration that your company is committed to green energy. Solmatix can help you with all aspects of planning, installing and maintaining a wind turbine on your site.


Biomass boilers normally burn pellets, wood chips or logs to generate heat. Fuel sources can often be automatically fed into the burner from a storage hopper meaning less manual intervention is required. Biomass burners can then send their heat to radiators or underfloor heating. The energy generated can also be used to heat water which can be stored in a cylinder until required. There are several variations of Biomass burners and stoves and Solmatix can make a recommendation for you based on which system will best fit your existing infrastructure.

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Biomass system in a factory environment
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