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ROCs change, yes, but not much!

On 1 October 2015, the Solar PV annual grant for installations up to 50kW (typically 200 solar panels) will be reduced from 4 ROCs (16.8p/kWh) to 3 ROCs 12.6p/kWh).  We have already heard scare-mongers saying that this so-called 25% drop in subsidy will make Solar PV no longer attractive.

Well, this is simply not the case. And here’s why.

Free electricity

Firstly, ROCs are only a part of the story. Let’s remember, Solar PV is, and always will be, a superb means by which customers can dramatically slash their energy bills with FREE electricity. And of course it offers the opportunity to create additional on-going income by selling energy back to the grid as export.

Another factor to consider is that Solmatix now has a new ROCs agent acting to sell ROCs on behalf of our customers. That agent is Action Renewables in Belfast. Their involvement means that for the first time, we are able to work with a partner who can act independently of utility providers, and this means they can deliver a much better price for our Solar PV customers.

Substantial income

So what does that mean in real terms? Well, to put it in context, other agents would give 12.24 pence for every unit of electricity. Action Renewables on the other hand, will deliver 12.6 pence per unit. When you consider that a typical household system will generate 3,200 units per year, for 20 years, then cumulatively, this adds up to a significant amount of money.

And there’s more. Action Renewables provide what is called a ‘deemed’ (or assumed) export. This approach tends to err on the side of generosity and it means that typically, customers get more export than they may have received had it been metered. Plus, as always, Solmatix will take care of all the paperwork to ensure that you, our customer, experiences minimum fuss or hassle.

Working hard for you

So yes indeed, some measure of change will take place in October, but in terms of maintaining the return on investment for our customers of typically 15% - 20%, Solmatix is working hard to ensure Solar PV is the best investment you can make:

New, improved warranty options from Solmatix

Solmatix Renewables is now offering alternative ‘Skoda’ options with its improved 10-year inverter warranty. This completely outstrips the industry standard for inverter warranty which is normally five years. And remember too that the solar panel performance is guaranteed for 25 years!

Solmatix acquisition by Harvey Group

The big news from Solmatix Renewables is that we have recently been acquired by Harvey Group, the Newtownabbey-based mechanical and electrical services company. Solmatix continues to operate as an autonomous and independent company within Harvey Group, but the acquisition moves our operations to the next level, greatly enhancing our buying power and helping us to secure savings which we are now able to pass on to our customers.

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