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Biomass Boilers

With oil and gas prices in a state of flux, increasing numbers of businesses, farmers and home owners are looking for a secure, low cost way to heat their premises.  The answer is a Biomass Boiler from Solmatix.

Our wood pellet-burning Biomass Boilers offer a cost-effective way to massively reduce your heating bills.  The guaranteed grant income means that in real terms, you get FREE heat plus a significant financial reward. 

Why it pays to go Biomass

Whether you are running a business, managing a farm or heating a home, there are three vital reasons why you should go Biomass:

  • The cost of Biomass fuel is considerably less volatile than oil or gas, and unlike these dwindling fossil fuels, wood pellets are a renewable energy with a secure supply
  • Our Biomass boilers operate up to 93% efficiency and can massively out-perform oil or gas (a typical non-condensing fossil boiler may only be 70% efficient).  So your biomass boiler delivers much more heat for every pound you spend on fuel
  • Under the Government’s NI Renewable Heat Incentive (NI RHI) scheme, you will receive regular grant payments when you install a biomass boiler generating renewable heat

Unlike oil, your Biomass boiler will pay for itself.   The combination of heating cost savings and guaranteed grant income means your boiler will soon cover its cost, typically in 3 to 5 years. And isn’t it good to know you’re using a sustainable fuel, with minimal impact on the environment!

How Biomass works

Using your Biomass boiler couldn’t be more straightforward.  It self-ignites, self-cleans and automatically adjusts its settings according to your heating requirements.  Simply empty the ash tray once a week.

Our Biomass boilers burn wood pellets, the most widely available form of biomass fuel.  The pellets are usually stored in a silo or hopper, fed into the boiler at a pre-determined rate, and burned to release the heat energy that warms your business, farm or home. Simple!

Long-term fuel security

When it comes to fuel costs, one thing is certain.  Fossil fuel reserves are dwindling, so oil and gas prices will rise.  Of course, wood pellet costs will rise too, but viewed over the last 15 years, the cost of oil and gas has risen THREE TIMES HIGHER than wood pellets.

What is more, by taking out a fixed term (i.e.20 years) biomass fuel contract, you can future-proof your fuel costs in line with inflation and your RHI grant income.

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Our Biomass Boilers burn wood pellets to produce cheap heat for your business, farm or home.  But biomass boilers not only slash your heating costs, they also bring guaranteed grant income.

Here’s how it works.  Under the Government’s NI Renewable Heat Incentive (NIRHI) scheme, you can receive regular payments if you install a biomass boiler which can generate renewable heating.  The amounts and the terms vary, depending on whether you’re a non-domestic or domestic customer.

Non-domestic customer

Summary: Non-domestic customers do not receive an upfront capital grant, but they do receive quarterly RHI grant payments for a 20-year period.  RHI is paid at 6.4 pence per unit of heat (kWhr).
What this means: The unit costs of oil versus wood pellets will fluctuate, but the RHI payment exceeds both.  So in real terms, non-domestic customers benefit from FREE heat plus they get a significant financial reward over the 20-year period.

Domestic customers

Summary: Domestic customers receive a £2500 grant up front, plus they receive annual RHI payments at 5.6 pence per unit (kWhr) for seven years.
What this means: The RHI payment for a domestic biomass boiler is typically between £1000 and £2000 per annum.  This equates to an impressive average grant income of £13,000 at the end of the 7 year period.


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The workings of a Biomass Boiler

  1. Wood pellets are fed into a hopper
  2. The automated system feeds fuel from the hopper into the combustion chamber
  3. The combustion is controlled and monitored
  4. The heat produced is transferred into water via a heat exchanger
  5. Waste ash is removed automatically

Backup heating system

For both non-domestic and domestic customers, we can programme your Biomass Boiler to run in tandem with your oil or gas heating system.  In fact, many of our customers choose to keep their existing boiler in place.

Fuel availability

There are numerous wood pellet suppliers throughout Northern Ireland.  In fact, ordering wood pellets is much like ordering oil – they usually arrive next day in bulk by lorry and are blown into your hopper.  Smaller amounts are also available in bags at most petrol forecourts.  And unlike oil, wood pellets are clean, odourless and easy to handle.


As with any piece of mechanical equipment, your Biomass boiler will require periodic maintenance in order to run at maximum efficiency.

Our trained Solmatix engineers and partners will undertake the scheduled servicing of your boiler as required.


Your Biomass Boiler is an important business investment so it’s important to know that you’re fully covered, in the unlikely event that anything should break down.

The good news is that Solmatix boilers provide a 5-year warranty on the boiler body and heat exchanger.  This is well above the industry norm for such cover.  In addition, we offer a 2-year warranty on electrical components.

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