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When it comes to paying for their Renewable Heating or Solar Panel systems, some of our customers choose to make their own funding arrangements with their bank or financial institution.  In these cases, we will of course provide all the assistance and information necessary to support your application.

Others find it beneficial to make use of our very competitive agriculture and commercial finance options, details of which are below.

Asset Finance

Some of our customers are in the fortunate position of being able to pay outright for their system.  Others choose to make their own funding arrangements.  But we know that for many of our farming and business customers, cash flow is a major challenge, and that’s why we’ll support you all the way with our Asset Finance plan, a lease arrangement, usually over five years.  

One of the primary benefits of our lease arrangement is that, as a cost to your business, it is highly tax efficient.  In addition, no security is required, nor do you need to find a deposit.  


For some of our customers, for example those with large energy requirements, such as nursing homes or schools, it makes sense to benefit from the energy savings of biomass boilers and solar panels, without incurring the installation costs.  In these cases, we can arrange for an investor (an ESCO, or Energy Service Company) to fund your system, to the mutual benefit of both parties, including reduced energy costs for you.

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