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Solmatix Renewables exists for two very clear reasons.  Firstly, there is a demand for our products and services.  Businesses, farmers and home owners require the high quality Biomass Boilers, Solar PV and Solar Water Heating systems that we fabricate, supply and install.

But our market is competitive, so we work very hard to design and deliver the best solutions for each customer.  You see, at heart we’re an engineering company, but one which specialises in renewable energy.  This means we apply the highest engineering standards to our products and installations.  In fact, our founder, Richard Bell, has worked in the Aerospace, Defence and Marine industries.  Solmatix was built on his engineering skills and since founding the company in 2008, he has recruited a team of professional engineers who share his commitment to the highest standards of engineering rigour, quality service and customer care.

Worth and integrity

But there’s a second, equally important reason why Solmatix exists.  It’s that we believe absolutely in the value of what we are doing.  We believe our work in the renewable energy sector has worth and integrity, that it brings value to our customers and to the Northern Ireland economy.  And we believe too, that we are doing our own small bit to help earth’s precious natural environment.

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